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The {EGAnet} package is the primary source for implementing the Exploratory Graph Analysis (EGA) framework in R.

The goal of the package is to provide:

  • state-of-the-art network psychometrics methods

  • fast, reproducible code

  • beautiful, publication-ready visualizations

Check out what’s changed in version +2.0.0

How to Install


if(!"devtools" %in% unlist(lapply(.libPaths(), list.files))){



Hudson F. Golino
Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods
Department of Psychology
University of Virginia

Alexander P. Christensen
Assistant Professor of Quantitative Methods
Department of Psychology and Human Development
Vanderbilt University


The {EGAnet} package is currently supported by two University of Virginia grants, one from the STAR - Support Transformative Autism Research initiative and one from the Democracy Initiative.